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*Be Kind, Love Life, Believe in & Know Your Dreams & Persevere*

Gloria Alexandra, is an American actress and model.  She was born and raised in Lima, Peru.  She is of Spanish and English heritage.  You can see her in several English & Spanish TV Shows, Films, Commercials, Magazines, Websites, Catalogs, and other publications.  Although her first name is Gloria, she prefers her middle name Alexandra.


Because of her mixed ethnic background she gets cast as not only the typical Latin female, her look is very versatile and changeable.


Gloria Alexandra is a passionate pursuer of the performing arts. I love drama; action, thrillers, fight scenes, dying.  I love shadow and character work .  (Clarification: For all those haters, you need to educate yourselves on the meaning of shadow work, it’s not BIGOTRY.)  She leaves her ego behind, to embrace what most people are afraid to explore, she can be vulnerable or tough, and loves complex and even controversial characters.   She has a great sense of humor and also embraces comedy and wit.  Satire and sarcasm is her favorite form of expression, she’s also not bothered by becoming the one to laugh at either!…Yeah, Let’s do it all is her motto!  The best part of playing these controversial characters is the mysterious factor.   Transforming and becoming all things and then going back to being yourself is the best part of acting and the craft.  I pride myself in my uniqueness, being an independent thinker despite of similarities and strong choice making.   I welcome everyone’s projections as long as they keep me busy working.  🙂


At a very young age Gloria Alexandra was drawn to the Theatre and all forms of Performing and the Arts, and enrolled in Ballet, Piano, Children Theater and Choir.  Although after High school she went to Business School, she had to relocate to Los Angeles, California, in order to pursue a career in the Entertainment Industry specially, Acting.



Currently, you can see her in the action-thriller “Desert Saints” (Film) opening scene with Keifer Sutherland; drama, “A Beautiful Life” (Film);  indie-comedy “Tweaksville” (Film); and others.  Music Videos: Korn (Twisted Transistor); Daniel Powter (Jimmy gets High); C.O.L. Ain’t No Thang.  Foster Farms Chicken, Valley Ball Cabaret, Summit Career College, Axe Cologne & Romero Hyundai, Diet Coke, Coors Light, Pizza Hut, and GAP Commercials;  Secretos; Amor o Mentira; 12 Corazones, Jose Luis Sin Censura, Sin Tapujos, etc..Spanish TV in the USA, Los Angeles, CA.

Other shows include Angel, Ally McBeal, The X Show, There’s something about Mary (Promo);  & Wu Tang Clan Music Videos;  Divorcio USA,  La Corte Familiar; 1,2,3, Co-Host also Spanish Networks in Los Angeles, CA USA; and a bunch to come…


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